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Broken Key Extraction Service

Have you experienced running late for work only to face the extreme hassle of breaking your key inside the door lock and you are unable to leave the house? It happens to all of us, but this does not mean we all have to go through the same frustration.

The problem with broken keys inside a locking mechanism is relatively easy to fix, but only if you are familiar enough with the engineering behind it and experienced in this type of work. If you are clueless, then it will not be surprising if the key extraction process takes you hours to finish or maybe never.

It may look simple from a glance, especially if you can clearly see where the broken piece is. But what if it is too deep in the keyhole? This could call for a broken key extraction service.

Broken Key Extraction Service

Saving your door locks from irreparable damage

When your key breaks into half or even into tiny little pieces inside a locking cylinder, it does not always mean you can’t use the same door lock anymore. You can still save it from further damage, but you have to be careful when extracting the key from inside.

There are several other components inside the locking system that could get damaged if you force the key out or use tools that are not meant for the job. Worse, you might even push the broken pieces deeper inside the hole.

If you want to avoid all this hassle, you might want to consider getting a professional broken key extraction service instead. There are tons of companies in Florida offering locksmith solutions to clients and one of these is Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens.

The best way to extract a broken key from a door lock

The simplest way to extract a broken key from a door lock is by using needle-nosed pliers. However, this is only recommended when the key head is still visible from outside the lock. Otherwise, this will not be the best solution at hand.

If you do not have access to tools because they are inside and you have no other way into the room, the best solution would be to get the services of a professional locksmith. You only need to call, finalize your request, and wait a while until the technician arrives. Plus, the locksmith can provide you with a replacement key on the spot.

Residential Locksmith

Removing broken key parts from the car ignition

Similar to how regular metal keys to your door or padlock snap into smaller pieces, the same way can also happen with your car key when it turns the ignition. And when this happens, it might give you a bigger headache because it typically costs more to repair or replace a damaged ignition than a door lock.

Although a broken key extraction service for door locks is not too different from the procedure done for the car ignition, there is a certain level of skill needed to ensure that it does not create other problems for the vehicle.

The ignition is connected to other accessories in your car, meaning damage to your ignition could cause problems in accessing or launching other features. To prevent this from happening, be sure to ask for the assistance of a professional automotive locksmith like the ones at Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens. We know the best solutions to your problem and we can complete the task in no time.

Skip your dealer’s pricey service and go for Locksmith PBG

Another concern car owners may have with a broken key stuck in the ignition is the cost of extraction services when done at a local dealer. Not to mention the need to hire a towing service to bring your vehicle to their garage.

If you want to save more money from a car key extraction service, get our services at Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens instead. We have a team of professional automotive locksmiths who can work on the extraction procedure for you without causing damage to other parts of the vehicle.

But what is also worth noting is that our rates are nowhere as high as the rates you will be charged with at the dealership. Our prices are highly competitive and we have services packages that will definitely fit your budget.


Feel free to call us and inquire about key extraction services, as well as car key replacement and programming rates. Our support staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

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