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Mechanical vs. Electronic Access Control: Which is better?

A lot of business owners know that mechanical access control systems are no longer sufficient to secure a perimeter. But, not all doors need to 24-hour monitoring and controlled entrances. Fortunately, reliable and secure electronic access controls don’t have to be complicated to be efficient. Shifting from mechanical to electronic systems could provide a lot of benefits, which include a lower risk of credentials duplication, increased security, and the effortlessness of reprogramming locks instead of rekeying them. In this article, we will know more about why electronic security systems can be more beneficial compared to the traditional system.

While not all businesses possess the financial resources to apply a networked solution, they do provide unmatched convenience and simplicity. Just as there are various secured system levels, the credential method, which the business owner selects could impact the employees’ info and system.

Biometric Systems

A biometric system provides the highest security level since it doesn’t need physical credentials when we talk about identification purposes. Instead, they determine employees though utilizing their distinct biometric information like hand geometry and fingerprints. If the user wants extra safety, together with the biometric data, he/she might be asked to show a credential or pin to have access to a secured place.

Smart Card Systems

A system utilizing smart card credentials gives a boosted safety level. A smart card exchanges data with a reader thru the mutual authentication process. It fives extra reassurance and makes sure about the communication’s integrity between the reader and the credential.

Magnetic and Proximity Stripe Credentials

In the secure business environment in this day, proximity credentials are the fundamental way to control access. They are easy to use for system administrators and card holders. Magnetic credentials are the ideal option if a business owner should store confidential and distinct information on each credential and they require to read or write capabilities.

Keys and Pin Codes

In today’s electronic applications, a PIN code would be the simplest credential type that’s being utilized. Users only need to recall 3 up to 8 digits of code to access secured area. However, utilizing PIN codes alone is not the greatest method since those codes can be disseminated easily to other parties. While these keys provide increased safety, the risk of lost or stolen keys or unauthorized duplication could result in extra work and reduced productivity.

While keeping the commercial building safe is frequently a hard task, improved safety could start with a needed examination and checkup by a professional local consultant. These experts could help the owners of every business to plan their migration from mechanical to modern electronic access control in a manner that would be ideal for the building, schedule, budget and the company.

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