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Commercial locksmith 33418

As commercial locksmith we know at Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens that a reliable team of maintenance experts is needed to help maintain your safety and satisfaction. This is why we provide maintenance for any commercial locks that you bought from us. Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens helps each of our customers through the decision-making process. We make sure that they select the best type of security for their unique business. During the meeting, we will talk to you about a lot of subject matter. This includes what type of facility your new locks will be protecting, as well as the goals that you want to get with your new security system.

Our locksmiths are completely trained and certified to fix your security issues with unparalleled efficiency and attention to detail each and every time. We always arrive on time!

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Whenever it’s your business, your goal is to protect your assets. While these two categories of security are different, they’re equally important. That’s why it is so vital to appropriately handle them. You can’t expect your house security strategies to offer the security your business needs.

At Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens, we respect being the best commercial locksmith in Florida has to offer. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our security solutions are designed to ensure that your assets are safe. In addition to that, we know the significance of keeping your workers safe whenever they come to work and take measures to secure them, as well.

For a commercial locksmith, Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens is your go-to choice. Though similar, business security and house security are two different things. Whenever it comes to your house’s security, your goal is to ensure your personal belongings are protected and free from harm. 

Commercial locksmith 33418
Commercial Locksmith
Commercial Locksmith

Highly Trained Professionals

Highly Trained Professionals

More and more businesses are starting to incorporate commercial access control to prevent break-ins, protect employees, and secure their sensitive information. Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens is here to help you get started today. 

Before, the only way that a business can control access to outsiders was through the use of keys. As we’ve progressed, technology has greatly evolved. An access control integration solution for businesses is one product this technological evolution has created. You’ll be able to see who goes in and out of what door in your property round the clock with access control integration.

Commercial Locksmiths in Palm Beach Gardens

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Much more comprehensive and complex than residential alarm systems, our commercial alarm systems are the state-of-the-art of modern security technology. Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens is fully licensed and bonded and has the skills and knowledge to integrate the best Commercial Locksmith 33418 system for your business in Florida.

A high-quality CCTV system installed by Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens can help you monitor all events that happen in and around the location of your business at all times. You can keep track of what is happening at your business regardless of your location whenever this system is installed.


Yes, in most cases it is possible to re-key the existing locks in your home or office to one key. One of the exceptions to that rule is if the lock manufactures / or keyways are different. For example, if all of the locks are made by Schlage, then all of the Schlage locks can be put on one key. If one lock is a Kwikset, that key may have to remain different unless you can change the cylinder within that lock to also be a Schlage.

Yes, there are several different types of keyless entry systems designed with the commercial customer in mind. These systems allow for higher traffic usage. One option is a commercial grade keyless entry lock like previously discussed, or an access control system which allows the employee to carry a key card or key fob to gain access.

Most reputable locksmiths will attempt to pick the lock first. This will cause no damage to the lock at all. In some cases, where the lock is too old, weather beaten, in poor repair, or if any part of the internal lock mechanism is indeed broken, this may not be an option. This may result in the need to have the cylinder drilled out and replaced, but it is recommended that you discuss this option and its price prior to having any work done so that you will be able to make the most informed decision about the work you might potentially need to have done.

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