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Electronic Locks: Should You Use Them For Your Home or Business?

The developments in modern technology offer customers more choices when it comes to protecting and securing their business or home. One of the best developments in security has been the rise of electronic locking mechanisms.

Are you not sure if an electronic lock is ideal for you? Well, don’t worry. Here are several benefits and drawbacks of electronic locks. This will help you make an informed choice.

Go Keyless

Accessing your house without needing to bring keys is one famous benefit of the electronic lock. Electronic locks can unlock and lock the door through an application on your smartphone or a programmed code.

Codes Specified for Particular Times

Whenever you install an electronic lock, you can program various codes for use by various individuals, whether it will be a temporary visitor, a cleaning company, a tradesperson working on your house, or your kids. You can make these codes to work only for a particular time/day. These are extremely handy if you often receive packages, renting your space on Airbnb, or have a cleaning company.

Audit Trail

Almost every lock comes with an application. Whenever every person utilizes their designated code, you will have an audit trail you can see on the application. This will enable you to know whenever an individual utilized their code to gain access to your house. This trail offers a layer of accountability and transparency that is not possible with traditional locks.

In addition to that, you can also combine your electronic lock with a home automation system with some extra leg work. This can enable you to lock/unlock your door from your smartphone. It does not matter where you are located. In addition to that, it will also enable you to track your house if you’re on extended leave, business trip, or on vacation.

Battery Failure

While almost every single electronic lock has features that warn you whenever the power is low or enable for simple battery replacement, they still leave the choice for keyed entry as a back-up. If your lock does not support keyed entry, or if you do not have your key with you, you might be locked out in the event of a power failure.

Phone Security

Convenience can also be a drawback with electronic locks. Imagine that your mobile device is stolen or lost. If you depend on an application to get inside your house, then you simply have not lost your phone. Essentially, you have also lost your keys to your house.

Application Security

The application that controls the locks contains the information that secures your house. This means that virtual hackers can possibly control the security of your house from afar if the application itself is hacked.

As technology evolves, the security for your business or house might also change. A lot of professionals encourage all people to be informed about the benefits and drawbacks involved with electronic locks. This will help them make the most informed decision whenever it comes to protecting their business or house.

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