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Duplicate Keys Service

Losing a key has got to be one of the most common problems people encounter in their lifetime. It is caused by a number of reasons — leaving them somewhere, falling off from your purse or pocket, getting stolen, or even getting damaged from excessive use. Whatever the reason may be, one thing remains the same: having duplicates saves you more time and money.

You might be wondering why. This is mainly because our professional duplicate keys service costs less than having to go back to your trusted locksmith and getting the same services over and over because you keep losing your keys. Moreover, it saves you time from having to call our professionals and waiting for them to finish the job or spending it someplace else because you lost the key to your car and you can’t go anywhere.

Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens — The #1 locksmith company in Florida

Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens offers all kinds of locksmith services to our customers in Florida. We cater to the needs of clients regardless if it is an automotive, commercial, or residential locksmith concern. You can call us for a quick duplicate keys service as well as other locksmith requests such as broken key extraction, reprogramming, rekeying, and lockout assistance, among others.

We are among the leading locksmith companies in the state of Florida and this speaks highly of the quality of service we provide our customers, including the variety of options that we present and the affordability of our rates.

Duplicate Keys Service
Commercial Locksmith
Commercial Locksmith

Licensed and bonded technicians

Licensed and bonded technicians

Of the many things that set us apart from our competitors in the industry, the one we are most proud of is having an entire team of licensed and bonded technicians. At Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens, we give importance to the quality of service that we provide to our customers and this includes making sure that our services are performed by experts.

Every member of the team has undergone a stringent screening process where we make sure that they have the level of expertise that matches our requirements for the job. Aside from the technical knowledge, we also screen our locksmiths for their ability to establish a rapport with clients and demonstrate professionalism on the job at all times.

We do not discriminate on applicants but we see to it that our successful hires are true locksmith specialists who can deliver the kind of service that our customers would like to see.

Commercial Locksmiths in Palm Beach Gardens

Guaranteed lowest rates in the area

At Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens, we know that the quality of service is not dictated by how much we charge. We give more importance to the satisfaction of our customers than the amount of money we earn in each transaction. This is why we strive hard to keep our service rates as low as possible without harming the locksmith industry.

We guarantee the lowest rates in the area while also making sure that the quality of our services is not compromised. New customers can expect the same low rates we give to our regular clients because we do our business honestly and transparently.

This also applies to the price quotations that we offer to customers upon request. You can expect that the rates we give you over the phone are the same amount that you will pay for once our locksmiths complete the service — no markups and no hidden charges.

A locally owned and operated business

Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens is a locally owned and operated business in Florida. We are founded to give priority to the needs of the locals and make sure they are attended to in the best way possible. Being locals ourselves, we can say that we have a better understanding of the preferences of the people in our community. This gives us the advantage of being able to provide the quality of work they want for the prices they are willing to pay.

We are also familiar with the ins and outs of various neighborhoods in the city. This plays an important role in reaching our destination on a daily basis. Time is always of the essence when it comes to locksmith services, whether it is for a simple duplicate keys service request or a more complicated request of installing fire escape gates and windows.

Our knowledge and familiarity with our serviceable areas are essential in maintaining our quick response time and providing solutions to our customers.

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