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Program Transponder Keys Service

A transponder key is one of the newer types of car keys used in vehicles these days. It’s slightly different from the traditional metal car keys in the sense that it has a shell body fitted with buttons that allow you to lock and unlock your car from a distance. It still comes with a metal part that you need to insert into the ignition, your car doors, as well as your compartment.

As for the buttons included in the shell of a transponder key, they are equipped with a smart chip that is programmed with a unique set of codes. These codes serve as the DNA of your vehicle because it determines which key will be able to access a particular vehicle.

When this smart chip gets damaged, you might be unable to access your vehicle remotely. This means you have to manually insert the metal key in the cylinder when locking and unlocking doors as well as the compartment.

Signs that your transponder key needs fixing

One of the most common causes of a transponder key damage is wear and tear, which happens over time due to frequent use. However, it can still be a challenge for car owners to determine when it’s time for them to have their keys checked or avail of a program transponder keys service from our technician.

Some of the telltale signs that your transponder needs to get fixed include difficulty in locking or unlocking the car remotely, the engine’s failure to start, inability to turn the key in the ignition, and failure to launch the car alarm feature.

If you notice any of these problems, you might want to schedule an appointment with our trusted automotive locksmith right away. Otherwise, you might face problems while you’re out on the road or when you have an important meeting to get to.


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Program Transponder Keys Service

Programming your transponder keys on your own

While there is nothing wrong with trying to fix your problems on your own, it’s a completely different thing when it comes to cars because this can have a direct effect on your safety and other people around you if you’re on the road.

Although there are countless tutorial videos that can help you program your transponder key, nothing beats getting our professional program transponder keys service. This gives you the assurance that everything is in working condition not only for your key but your car as well.

Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens offers this service along with other locksmith solutions you might need for your vehicle. We can help you assess the problem with your transponder key and prescribe the right solution to the issue. We also supply replacement parts and devices to customers in case your transponder key is damaged beyond repair.

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Repairing vs Replacing: Which is better?

Both procedures are correct. But if you are being careful with your spending and you want to make the most of your property, it might be better to request a repair service first. Of course, this depends on whether your transponder key can still be repaired. Say it is, then you should ask our locksmith for the best way to repair the problem.

If there is no solution to the damage, getting a replacement key would be better. But you also have to keep in mind that this would mean spending more money on the replacement item as well as the program transponder keys service.

Locksmith PBG for your professional auto locksmith needs

Locksmith Palm Beach Gardens offers various locksmith solutions to our customers in Florida. We have professional technicians who can provide automotive, commercial, and residential locksmith services to clients at rates that fit the budget.

Our team is composed of licensed and bonded technicians with years of training and experience under their belt. We are confident in the quality of service that we provide to our customers and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

We are known in the business for having a 15-minute response time to every client request. We have developed a masterful way to deploy our locksmiths to your location within the first fifteen minutes after your initial call. This cuts down your waiting time and ensures that your requests are attended right away.

Services brought to your doorstep

Aside from making our locksmith services available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we also want our customers to feel the convenience of having these services brought right to your doorstep. When you schedule a service request with Locksmith PBG, our technicians will be the ones to go to your location.

You no longer have to worry about leaving the house, your office, or your business for a few hours. There is also no need to have your car towed to our place because we are bringing our quality services wherever you may be.

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