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Advice for Security Companies: When to Change Locks

If you are in the security industry and you wonder when would be the best time to change locks from mechanical to electronic models, well the answer for that would be now. Here are some of the reasons why you should adhere to the following advice on when to change locks.

Increase Administrative Control

The ANSI and U.L rated key systems of the past might have given an extra level of security, however, they were piece of cake compared to the current systems. Electronic locks do not only enable a lot greater flexibility in the manner that access to buildings is controlled but they offer customers with the capability to go through access logs retroactively, enabling for a greater accountability level.

The Best of Both Worlds

The intelligent key system is probably the most efficient and convenient solution to the issue of retrofitting current security systems. For these electronic keys, the cylinders are a lot easier to retrofit into existing doors, yet they provide a similar advantage as a full-scale electronic system. This enables more buildings to be retrofitted successfully, providing security companies a selling point and clients the boosted satisfaction of knowing that their properties are secure and safe.

Increase Accountability

While they are becoming more well-known, commercial clients have started to discover an additional benefit of this kind of system, including boosted employee accountability. With advanced analytics of data, analyzing employee trends has become easier. This can assist business owners to prevent unwanted product losses and incidents in advance. It could also aid to determine those that are responsible if anything goes wrong. Security companies must make sure that their clients know the great value this adds to intelligent key systems.

Advanced Data Analytics

Intelligent key systems can gather digital data regarding who enters protected areas and determine the time when that happened. To stop unexpected access, the data could only be analyzed and viewed through using Visual Audit, a great data analytics tool that comes with the software named XT Web Manager. This tool can enable authorized staff to immediately determine unusual events and it also gives a visual audit feature that highlights variations in data trends that might show an attempt at unauthorized access.

Try To Keep Up

This unbelievable technology is presently at the frontline of innovation. Security companies that think about for too long on the questions of whether to give more advanced options or when to change locks. Failing to give customers with the technologically advanced and updated products that they expect could only have a single outcome: they would turn anywhere for what is required.

Today’s Products

The intelligent key systems now could be fitted to the needs of the customers, which makes it an ideal addition to any product line in a security company. The system’s improved vandalism-resistant and accountability makes the intelligent key system perfect for commercial environments. Moreover, homeowners love to have the option to include a traditional mechanical key-way without compromising the advantages of electronic analytics and data collection.

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