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Advantages of Using a Master Key System for Your Commercial Properties

As a property owner, balancing security with staff access is vital to lessening possible security risks and loss. Unluckily, this could often be easier said than done. Sometimes, it could leave you with compromises in the security and will leave you frustrated. Master key systems offer a solution to this issue. In addition to that, it can be utilized as a support for every access control protocol.

What is a Master Key System?

To make things simple, a master key system is a security solution that utilizes a multi-tiered framework. This framework will provide various workers with various levels of access to the business. The business owner, in a master key system, gets a “Grand Master” key that opens all the locks in the establishment. But, the staff gets keys that open only on certain locks or enable access to certain areas of the establishment. These various tiers of “access privileges” can be completely tailored. This offers you full control over the security of your business.

On the other hand, the sub-master keys are made for a certain door. This means that they can’t access any other areas of the building unless you provide them access. 

Here are several advantages of using a master key system for your commercial properties:


You only require one key to open all the doors in your business as the business owner. This means that you will not have to carry a lot of keys with you anymore every time you access your building.


Whenever you have a professional locksmith company to install a master key system, they can easily re-key every single one of your existing locks. This will help prevent you from spending a lot of your budget on costly new hardware.


You can create your system to offer employees access to only the parts they require. This will improve the security of your business.


Your security system will not get in the way of the productivity of your staff since they can access the places they need.


A master key system ensures nobody will replicate your key without your permission whenever it a master key system is combined with a high-security lock.
Creating various levels of security does not mean it becomes harder for the business owner to gain access. With a master key system, you can improve the safety of your building without having to keep track of several various combinations or keys. In addition to that, combining technology with durable locking solutions do not always result in high expenses. You will be surprised at the affordability of this solution once the installation is completed and the keys are made.
Finally, if you choose to install a master key system in your establishment, it is best that you contact a professional locksmith company to do the job. They have all the tools and knowledge required to properly install a master key system for your business.

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